Policy Related Work

International expert consulatation on COVID-19 Advisory On International Surrogacy Arrangements, Surrogacy 360, July 2020. Read more 

Expert Africa Consultation on Draft Principles on Protection of Rights of Child within Surrogacy, General Secretariat, International Social Service, Geneva, (hosted by UWC), Aug 2019

Expert (Online) Consultation on Global Surrogacy Laws, Fem Just New York, Centre for Reproductive Rights, Feb 2019

Expert Group Meeting on Surrogacy and Human Rights, UNICEF, UNFPA & WHO, Bangkok, 1-2 November, 2018

Global Egg flows Pande and De Jong 2018, Rand and Reproductive Bodies Project

Interdisciplinary convening on gestational surrogacy policy, Hosted by Reproductive Health Matters and Yale Law School, London, Oct 2018

Activist-Academic dialogue on reproductive extractions: Women and Birth in the Global South, In Collaboration with Department of Sociology, African Gender Institute and Reproductive Justice Coalition, Cape Town, May 2017

Global Egg Flows: Pande and Moll 2017. Rand and Reproduction Project.

Policy -related International Workshop on Gamete Donation, UNISA, Pretoria, May 2015 Plenary Speaker, Brocher Summer Academy on Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Geneva, June 2015

Expert Panel on Global Surrogacy, International Forum on Intercountry Adoption and Global Surrogacy, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, August 2014

Iziko SA Museum, August 2010, Iziko Museums of Cape Town, Women’s Chain of Power in a Globalizing World, Women’s Empowerment Conference

Sama, Resource Group for Women & Health, New Delhi India, 2010, International Consultation workshop “Unraveling the Fertility Industry: Challenges and Strategies for Movement Building”

Riksteatern, National Theatre Company of Sweden, September 2012
Public debate on International Surrogacy Laws (with Swedish social commentator Kajsa Ekman)


Output: A 50-page Advocacy and Policy document for the Government of Lebanon “I came here for work”: Migrant Domestic work and the Sponsorship system in Lebanon, 2011, Beirut: Voices International

Local organizations and migrant domestic worker communities are using this document to advocate for their own rights as workers (Copy of report available from author)

Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon Info Note 1 – Click here to view
Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon Info Note 2 – Click here to view
Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon Info Note 3 – Click here to view
Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon Info Note 4 – Click here to view
Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon Info Note 5 – Click here to view
Calls for better protection of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon – Click here to view

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