Forthcoming Publications

Pande A. 2022. Controlled birth: Selective reproduction and neoliberal eugenics. Manchester University Press.

Pande. A. (ed.). Epistemic Justice and the Postcolonial University. With Ruchi Chaturvedi and Shari Daya (edited book under review)

Pande. A. Fertile Flows and Niche Reproductions: How Eggs, Embryos and Wombs are connecting the world (monograph under preparation)

Pande, A. Social reproduction in India: Reproductive Costs and Benefits. With Krishna Dara and Matthias Gsänger (edited book, under prep)

Pande, A. Global fertility markets and the Intimate Politics of Race and reproduction. In the Sage Handbook of Global Social Theory. Edited by Gurminder Bhambra, Lucy Mayblin, Kathryn Medien and Mara Viveros Vigoya,

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