Forthcoming Publications

Pande A. Control-Birth: From Population Control to Assisted Reproduction (edited book under review)

Pande. A. Scripts of defiance: An-Other Sociology, Co-authored with Ari Sitas, Nicos Trimikliniotis, Sumangala Damodaran and Wiebke Keim (book manuscript under preparation for Tulika Press and Columbia University Press)

Pande. A. (ed.) The Means and Ends of Curriculum change: Universities in Post-Apartheid South Africa Co-authored with Ruchi Chaturvedi and Shari Daya (edited book under preparation for UCT Press)

Pande. A. Fertile Flows and Niche Reproductions: How Eggs, Embryos and Wombs are connecting the world (monograph under preparation)

Pande, A. Wombs in India: Revisiting Commercial Surrogacy. Invited Book Chapter in Transnational Feminist Itineraries (edited by Ashwini Tambe and Millie Thayer), Duke University Press (In Press).

Pande, A. Assisted Reproduction and Assisted Whiteness. Invited Book Chapter in Routledge Handbook of Critical Whiteness Studies (edited by Shona Hunter and Christi van der Westhuizen, Routledge (Under contract). Click here

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