International Peer Reviewed Publications

Pande A. 2021. Mix or Match?”: Transnational fertility industry and White Desirability. Medical Anthropology. Open Access article available at

Pande A. 2020. Revisiting Surrogacy in India: Domino effects of the Ban, Journal of Gender Studies
Online first available here 

Pande, A. 2020. Visa stamps for injections: Traveling Bio-labour and South African egg provision, Gender and Society.
Online first available here

Pande. A. 2020. De(coding) “Loose women” in colonial archives, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Special Issue celebrating Professor Ari Sitas
Online first available here

Pande, A. 2020. From Boom to A Ban: Transnational Commercial Surrogacy In India. Revista Española de Derecho Constitucional (Peer Reviewed Spanish Journal), special issue on surrogacy edited by Maria Diaz Crego.
Online Available here (Translation available on request)

Pande, A and Moll, T. 2018. Gendered bio-responsibilities and travelling egg providers from South Africa Reproductive Biomedicine and Society
Click here

Pande, A. 2018. Intimate Counter-Spaces of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon International Migration review,
online first

Pande. A, 2017. Mobile Masculinities: Migrant Bangladeshi Men in South Africa Gender and Society, 31 (3): 383-406.

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Pande, A. 2016. Global reproductive inequalities, Neo-Eugenics and Commercial Surrogacy in India, edited by Manuela Boatca and Vilna Bashi Treitler, Current Sociology (issue on Global Inequalities and Hierarchies), Vol. 64(2) 244–258

Pande, A. 2015. Blood, Sweat and Dummy Tummies: Kin Labour and Transnational Surrogacy in India, Anthropologica: Canada’s Anthropology Journal Vol 57, No 1: 53-62

Pande, A. 2014. This Birth and That: Surrogacy and Stratified Motherhood in India Special Issue on Birth, PhiloSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism Issue 4.1: 50-64

Pande, A. 2014. “I prefer to go back the day before tomorrow, but I cannot”: Paternalistic Migration Policies and the Global Exile, Critical Social Policy, Vol 34, Issue 2

Pande, A. 2013. “The paper that you have in your hand is my freedom”: Migrant domestic work and the Sponsorship (Kafala) System in Lebanon, International Migration Review, Vol 47, Issue 2: 414-441

Pande, A. 2012. From ‘balcony talk’ and ‘practical prayers’ to illegal collectives: Migrant domestic workers and Meso-level of resistances in Lebanon, Gender and Society, Vol 26, Issue 3 June 2012: 382 – 405

Pande, A. 2011. Transnational Commercial Surrogacy in India: Gifts for global sisters? Special Issue Cross Border Reproductive Care: Travelling for Conception and the Global ART Market, Reproductive Biomedicine Online, Issue no. 23: 618-25

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Pande, A. 2009. “’It may be her eggs but it’s my blood’: Surrogates and Everyday Forms of Kinship in India”, Qualitative Sociology, Vol. 32, No. 4, 379-405. 3

Pande, A. 2009. “Not an “Angel”, Not a “Whore”: Surrogates as “Dirty” Workers in India, Indian Journal of Gender Studies, Vol. 16, No. 2, 141-173

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